Chef Revival

HJL Group wears Chef Revival! We are proud to announce Chef Revival as our preferred Chef's Gear of choice!

Premier Food Safety

HJL Group is proud to partner with Premier Food Safety for the highest level of employee food safety training.

Restaurant Foods

Homemade soups, rubs, dressings, aiolis and sauces made from our own recipes, we proudly introduce our new line...

Menu Club

Our partnership with MenuClub offers our clients special discounts for online ordering, priority listing on the restaurant search engine, and menu design and PocketMenus for local hotels. MenuClub is the Premiere Restaurant Guide

Schedule fly

Schedule, communicate and stay organized with schedulefly! This is the best restaurant scheduling program out there! - Jeremiah Higgins

Who You Hire

This is the only job posting service you will ever need. "Service Industry applicant management and hiring systems"


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